Chat RulesEdit


1.Curses ARE allowed, I will agree to that. Uses of them against another person is not. "Crap", "Damn", "Hell", and others are allowed, but not "bad" swears. "F***", "S***" and such are not allowed, and if any of the Chat Mods or Admins see 3 of them, you're banned for 3 days.

2. No 'descriptive' posts, on the chat, or on the wiki. Nobody wants to know how your cat got pregnant, or was forced to have kits.

3. No excessive capitals.

4. No Spamming (Spamming is where you post nonsense onto the chat)

5. No Flooding. (Flooding is when you put the same message over and over)

6. No talking back. If a mod tells you to stop doing something, you say "Yes","Ok",or"Sorry". If a moderator complains of being harassed or talken back to by a player, the player will be banned from the chat for a day.

7. No harrasing other users. It doesnt matter who, you dont annoy them.

8. No attacks. That means no verbal abuse, threats, racism, etc. If you have a problem, tell a modernator.

9. If you have a problem, ALWAYS tell it to the modernator. Most likely there will be one at the moment.

10. You have one chance at this. One time, you're banned. If you want, you can ask how long you will be banned.