Names of your CatEdit

MOST names are allowed. These are prohibited:

  • Prefixes that humans use, such as hammers, glass, christmas and candle. Examples: Hammerclaw, Christmasfur, Glassheart. Loners, Rogues and kittypets are exeptions.
  • The prefixes Moon and Star are not allowed, because Leaders have the -Star suffix, and Moon takes a big part in Starclan.
  • Please do not use character names from the Warrior Cat books, even if the character looks different, has a different personality, etc. Fanfiction with cats from the books are allowed, the same case with roleplaying with characters from the book, canon or not.
  • Of course, Fat,Ugly,etc are not allowed as prefixes.
  • Only names that make SENSE can have both the prefix and suffix as prefix words. Specklerose is allowed, however, Tailheart is not.
  • Any character that is not a leader cannot have the -Star suffix.
  • Loners and Rogues can't have Clan names unless they have stayed in a Clan once for more than a day.
  • Leaders, kits, and apprentices must have their proper suffixes. (-star, -kit, -paw)
  • Cats can request a specific warrior name if they want.
  • Cats can only change their whole name if they have gone gotten hurt, such as loosing an eye, being horribly wounded, like Brightheart, or loosing a body part, such as Halftail.